Aerospace Recruiting and Executive Search

We focus on nationwide searches for top talent in the aerospace industry. We recruit from your aerospace and defense competitors with a keen focus on the top performers among the talent pool. Our practice reach includes supply chain, manufacturing, cyber security and technology. We conduct exhaustive research and are always at the top of our game in managing our data, so we know exactly who and where the top aerospace and defense talent is! Paying special attention to counter offers during the entire hiring process is taken seriously by our team because we are accustom to working with sought after talent. We like our clients to win and our process is designed to make that happen! Building relationships and a vast network of trusting talent is an important aspect of our value.

Each search project we undertake receives a great deal of focus and dedication.

 Argenta finds the hidden talent because when most firms give-up… We are just getting started!

As a boutique search firm, we are better positioned to meet your needs. Our goal has always been to remain small and highly connected. When we network recruit we connect with each and every person we meet via the phone, we learn about their accomplishments, career goals, and family. This is why we bring value to our portfolio of clients!

Top aerospace and defense talent understands we strive to be different, we return their calls, and most importantly they are our customer too! We are hard working and extremely focused, our fees are fair and if you want to work with an agile, boutique firm with an emphasis on customer service, give us a try.

When you work with Argenta ~ share your pain points and alert us about ongoing and critical talent needs “we will become your talent partner of choice” by bringing you the best talent in ~  SALES,  QUALITY,  PURCHASING,  ENGINEERING,  MATERIALS,  AND TECHNOLOGY!

If… you are an aerospace and defense company on the cutting edge of automation and digital advancements ~ We should connect!

Companies that embrace a “Talent Shortage” hiring strategy are achieving the best results, boosting revenue, staying above the technology curve and Gaining Increased Share of Wallet.