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Cyber Security & INFOSEC Talent

We are dedicated and passionate about our Cyber Security Practice.

This talent group is among our clients most important hires.

Are you looking for talent to out-innovate cyber attackers?

Over 70% of all fortune 500 companies are choosing to work with dedicated
talent partners to find the top information specialists, the specialists behind, the scenes, behind the keyboards, the right talent. Security talent that truly
understands the minds of cyber criminals.

Breaches go undetected and come from everywhere and we know where the talent already successfully staying ahead of the cyber attackers every move is working. We will recruit the best IT security talent for you!

As the talent drought for cyber security professionals continues we recommend a retained and aggressive recruitment strategy. We offer an exceptional network of innovative professionals with strong protective technical capabilities, great interpersonal skills and even a bit quirky and fun to work with. This talent pool is cautious and likes working with small and secure boutique firms like Argenta.

We know your business is facing new challenges as cyber threats continue to rise and grow more powerful, we would like to drill down to find the talent you need, likely its more than one security professional. It will typically take three to several months of searching and investment to fill your roles. We can help you find and hire, experienced security analysts, threat researcher/analysts, security architects, and just about any functional security expertise you need to protect the organization.
Please plan ahead and contact our firm today to start building your security operations teams.

Let us help you!

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