Cyber Security and IT Risk.

Cyber security talent lasts less than 4 weeks on the open talent market and the most talented individuals never hit the job market! To successfully fill cyber security roles you need a stellar firm with a vast network of security professionals. We work at a strategic level and always take the time to get to know each client and their unique needs!

We are relationship builders with an uncanny ability to connect the right people at the right time.

Over 80% of all fortune 500 companies are choosing to work with dedicated talent partners to find the best people and get their cyber security roles filled.

Breaches go undetected and come from everywhere... that's why working with a great firm to define a proactive hiring strategy is your best line of defense.

 Argenta is a leading provider of cyber security hiring services for security in Healthcare, Financial Services, Retail, Biotech and Hospitality. Our clients are faced with increasing costs and lack the resources to find and attract high level security talent. The market is extremely competitive and working with our team can be very advantageous. Our hiring solutions are individually customized to meet the needs of our clients. We adhere to industry best practices, our candidates meet the highest industry standards and our search process is guaranteed.

The cyber security talent pool is very receptive to our firm. Both candidates and leaders like us, because we are relationship driven, our work is honest, well thought out and very confidential.

All of our contacts report their organizations do not have enough security professionals and talent is extremely hard to find, placing ads just isn’t attracting top talent for them! We are well versed at filling roles such as; CISO’s, CSO’s, Director’s of Information Security, Security Architecture, Security Consultants and Technology Team members.

Clients choose Argenta because we are invested and passionate about the security industry, we are experts at recruiting and our candidates are the Cyber Security Experts! We offer an exceptional network of innovative professionals with strong technical capabilities and great interpersonal skills!

If… your organization is Privately Held and plans to Go Public, security is “Of utmost importance”  We should Connect!


We are trusted career facilitators for candidates in the cyber and information security industry. We offer an open and honest approach with a great deal of emphasis on confidentiality.