3PL Logistics, Supply Chain and Technology

As a retained and exclusive talent partner, the Argenta mission is to provide the right people for all of your logistics talent needs. Argenta works directly with your leadership team and functions as an exclusive recruitment department. We adopt a plan and go to market with your open roles, attracting only the highest level of talent available, the best matches for your organization are brought to you prepared for your interview process. All talent acquisition projects are tailored to meet each client’s individual needs.

Whether your focus is to rapidly reach new markets by attracting stellar sales executives, reinvent your supply chain offerings, expand globally or onboard critical talent? Adapting to constant change in the industry requires a strong recruitment approach. Our service and capabilities are second to none. We are end to end supply chain recruiters that work with a select group of clients and serve their needs in the US, Mexico and EMEA.

Top supply chain talent knows the difference between getting by with a traditional approach and cutting edge companies reinventing supply chain strategy and services. We exist to help our clients unlock the potential and win the war for the best talent in the industry!

If… your goal is to be a trend setter and your focus is on technology, innovation and building revenue ~ We should connect!

When you build a relationship with Argenta ~ share your pain points and alert us about ongoing and critical talent needs “we will become your talent partner of choice” by bringing you the best talent available in a reasonable amount of time. Your approach to hiring talent should be as committed, competitive and agile as your supply chain.

Companies that embrace a “Talent Shortage” hiring strategy are achieving the best results, boosting revenue, staying above the technology curve and Gaining Increased Share of Wallet.